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Paisley PC Experts

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              About Us

Welcome To The Paisley PC Experts Website. We aim to be every Paisley home users help and one stop shop for their computer needs and repair.

We are a local computer repair company with MICROSOFT CERTIFIED IT PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS, we always send an engineer out to you free of charge to assess any problems you may have.

The engineer can fix the problem on-site for you or bring it in to us to be repaired. We are the most affordable PC repair and solutions company in Renfrewshire and knowledgeable due to our Microsoft certifications.

Our PC Doctor will diagnose any of your problems and decide the best course of action at no cost !

No personal data e.g. Photos or documents or music are ever removed.

Sick PC



Unfortunately, from time to time, everybody experiences a sick PC.

Our turnaround for most computer repairs not requiring any ordering of parts is generally same day. If the machine does require a part we sell them at cost price but if you’re not happy or don’t want to go ahead we return the machine at no cost to you.

We are happy to collect and return the PC / Laptop for free.

If your problem can be fixed onsite  one of our Microsoft Certified Engineers can come out and fix it for you.

From the small problems to the seemingly irreparable ones give us a call.

Software related e.g. a serious virus. Or hardware e.g. cracked Laptop screen. Give us a call.

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Our years of experience means that we have most likely encountered your problem before and know how to deal with it.

This means that we can generally complete repairs without loss of your valuable information i.e. documents and pictures. That is our main weapon against our competition.

We generally run full, professional virus scans to free the system from any infection.

We then give the machine a professional clean up to remove any build up of unneeded files, (this happens to any machine over time and clogs it up).

After that, de fragmentation of files and registry before all necessary updates needed for both your software and hardware.

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